Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zebra Stripes

 I have been anticipating fall ever since fall ended. So when I realized that the weather was perfect enough to wear a long sleeved top, I most definitely took that to my advantage. For whatever reason, the temperature dropped from 'I'm standing here doing nothing and still sweating' to 'normal person with normal sweat glands'. 

On a given summer day, I would do without the layering, but for today I layered a dress over my shoulder padded top to give a little more to my look. Let's just hope the temperature continues to stay cool!
  • Black/white stripe dress: c/o DressLink
  • Black pointed shoulder top: c/o Oasap
  • Black/dark (dark) brown sandals: Zara
  • White backpack: TopShop

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kinda Girly

 I never thought as pink to be my color, or any color to be my color really. But, I decided to go out of my norm of different shades of black with this light pink dress. It's still summer, so why not cave into this summery color and add a lil side boob there (which only works if you actually have boobs, meaning doesn't work for me). Although, the side cuts definitely make it nice and airy. And the fact that it's backless makes for a sweatless back.

Since I was going for a lighter, girlyier look, I kept my contrasting colors white. Check out these sick flatforms. I shoot up to a 6 foot tall giant. 
  • Pink skater dress: c/o New Dress
  • White flatform wrap sandals: Nasty Gal
  • White Backpack: TopShop
  • White/grey marble sunnies: c/o ZeroUV

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rockaway Beach

Summer is never quite complete without a visit to the beach. It is definitely different to actually be able to hit up a friend and say, 'hey, let's do a beach day!' just because you live 30 minutes away from one. In Tennessee, the closest thing was the lake. And that's sort of icky. 

Other than being to the Coney Island beach, I have yet to venture off into any other ones in New York. Rockaway Beach is a hidden gem in Queens, I think. The neighborhood definitely made me feel like being in Florida again, but without the palm trees. 
  • Blue/black swimsuit: c/o Oasap
  • Black shorts: Levi's
  • Gold sunnies: c/o ZeroUV

Friday, July 24, 2015

New York Fashion Week: Men's

The first New York Fashion Week: Men's is over and I can definitely say it was a successful one! I am very fortunate to have been invited to attend multiple shows and be able to meet so many creative individuals during those days. 

If you follow me on snapchat, it was definitely much. My story was at least 200 seconds long everyday! Of which, you guys can totally feel free to add me: @sharenaaa

Every designer had such great and memorable collections. I am going to show you guys some my favorite looks (which is not easy seeing how I loved almost everything).
 Public School / Alexandre Plokhov / Todd Snyder
 Timo Weiland / Robert Geller / Rochambeau
Perry Ellis / Ricardo Seco / John Varvatos
Photos from Fashion GPS /

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dandelion Yellow

The heat is not going away anytime soon, so that just means more crop tops. In various forms. The one I have on has this awesome ruffle shoulder going on. I wore it with shorts and a matching chunky necklace. I figured I should take a break from all of the dainty necklaces I've been sporting.
  • Yellow ruffle crop top: c/o JollyChic
  • Off-white shorts: c/o Oasap
  • Black sandal heels: Zara
  • Black purse: Goodwill
  • Off-white/black necklace: c/o Micha Store
Photos by: Silas Vassar, III

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New York Fashion Week: Men's

As some of you may or may not have known, fashion week has officially moved to Skylight at Clarkson Square. The weather started out terrible with the rain and humidity, but by the last day, it ended perfectly. I have accumulated my 3 looks into this one post.
I mixed vertical and horizontal lines all the down to my heels. 
  • Black/white stripe crop top: American Apparel
  • Black/white stripe culottes: c/o Oasap
  • Black grid strap heels: Asos
  • White clutch: Calvin Klein
  • Gold crystal septum: Enamour Entirety

I kept it simple with the color black and added pale pinks.
  • Black romper: c/o Oasap
  • Pink booties: Zara
  • Pink clutch: American Apparel
  • Gold chain nose ring earring: Enamour Entirety

I kept it to just primary colors. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


When going out and running errands, you don't necessarily have to dress in sweats and a random tee (I mean you could, but why tho). Anything loose and lightweight has the same level of comfort. I wore this lightweight pair of trousers and did a make-shift crop top by knotting the ends of my top. And wah-la, comfort without looking like I flopped out of bed.
  • White button up: Thrift store
  • Black/white stripe pants: c/o Oasap
  • Black slides: Zara
  • Navy Chanel purse
Photos by: Stephen E. Sherman